About our company

We have a number of high-quality professional and technical teams, with the concept of modern logistics, widely serve various industrial fields at home and abroad, and build a steel plant base with the international copper aluminum lead processing and distribution mode.

The company specializes in selling various specifications of copper, aluminum, and lead materials. The company often has high-quality copper, aluminum, and lead alloy materials such as plates, strips, pipes, bars, etc; Widely used in industries such as aviation, automobiles, electronic appliances, communication, semiconductors, hardware molds, fixtures, mechanical equipment, and various components, the company always adheres to market orientation, customer centeredness, quality as the lifeblood of the enterprise, integrity as the foundation of enterprise governance, and the principle of seriousness and rigor to steadily progress and continuously develop and grow. We have established a variety of service systems in the industry, and our products are renowned for their good reputation, high-quality products, strong strength, and low prices, which are highly trusted by users.

Why choose us

The company continues to innovate and change, continues to follow the pace of the times with high quality and good business philosophy, keeps pace with the times, and achieves harmony and win-win results! With a solid quality system as the guarantee, of "high-quality materials, preferential prices and high-quality services" to customers.high-quality Copper aluminum lead products as the carrier, sincere corporate reputation and professional and enthusiastic service,we convey the three high-quality standard services

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