Various applications of copper sheets

Copper is a naturally occurring non-ferrous metal that has been used for a wide range of applications throughout history. This is due to its ease of malleability, high electrical and thermal conductivity and, of course, its aesthetic appeal, as it takes on a greenish sheen when exposed to air.

Copper has been used for thousands of years to make tools, pipes and decorative elements. Today, it is still in high demand for use in many industries, particularly in electrical applications.

While sheet metal is produced using a variety of metals - including aluminium, brass, stainless steel and titanium - copper is the preferred sheet metal for specific applications. These applications rely on the high electrical conductivity of the metal.

For this reason, copper sheet is popular in the electrical and construction industries. In addition to its historical applications in plumbing and decoration, copper can also be found in wiring, motors, hospital equipment and industrial machinery.